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A little Gavin, a little Ricky, and a totally random post

June 3, 2010

I have a favorite cover band in the area, one that totes from the Philadelphia region (and therefore always wears Phillies gear and cheers for the Flyers and trash talks opposing team fans) and sings excellent music and always entertains. Last night we saw the lead singer of Mr. GreenGenes at the Clarendon Grill for an acoustic show.

He took requests! It was exciting. We started with a napkin on which we wrote: “Any Green Day.”

He played “Basket Case.”


Then we remembered what an awesome song Gavin Degraw’s “Follow Through” is, and how much we loved it when Gavin himself sang and played it for Molly and Jason at their televised Bachelor wedding. A lightening bolt idea struck roomie CJ to make a birthday request for the tune.

He played it immediately, wished me a happy 25, and it was a highlight of my week month (it’s only 3 days old!)

Remember this song? Man. So good.

So, it’s my birthday on the 6th. Anyone who knows me even a tiny bit knows how much I love birthdays and holidays and Christmas and celebrations. Even my Myers-Briggs Type Indicator tells me in my personality description that I’m obsessed with these things and the act of commemorating or celebrating anything. It’s spookily accurate.

The famjam is coming to visit me for the afternoon, we’re hosting a fiesta, and Mom is bringing me these cupcakes — the best cupcakes in the universe. Seriously.

I’ve been trying to download this Ricky Martin song to add it to the Fiesta Playlist, but iTunes legitimately will not let me. I’ve tried multiple times, and when I click “Buy!” it just refuses. Shut up, iTunes, I have FINE taste in music, TYVM.


Here it is, from youtube! And here’s to getting so tequila-ed up that I dance to this all night long.

And here’s hoping my friends still come to the party after hearing that Ricky is on the playlist.

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