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Wordy Wednesday

June 9, 2010

Being a grammar geek nerd extraordinaire, I always read the Times Topics blog “After Deadline” about grammar and style issues. It often highlights errors that made it into the NYT or other grammatical issues and debates, and is always a fun read.

Yesterday’s post was on an analytic of the most-looked-up words in 2010 so far in the NYT. (Side note: The feature of being able to right-click a word I don’t know and have it automatically defined is one of my most favorite things to do on the Internet. I do it all the time.)

Now, being honest with myself, I counted how many I could define:

15/25. DARN.

Among the words I didn’t know (but that I now love):

“sui generis” — unique

“mirabile dictu” — wonderful to tell

“desultory” — marked by a lack of a definite plan or purpose

“cynosure” — person or thing at the center of attention or interest

“solipsistic” — the philosophical idea that only one’s own mind is sure to exist

So, who needs a vocab refresher today? Anyone besides me?

Has this post had a soporific effect on you, dear readers?

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