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Felt boards, action sets, and Harrison Ford

June 30, 2010

Remember when you had to go to Sunday School? As a child you probably thought this was torture or awesome, depending on the following:

(1) the amount (and quality) of snacks you got — hot chocolate and shortbread cookies, or in the stupid health nutty teacher’s class, grapes and Crystal Light

(2) the length of the class — 1 HOUR? ARE YOU KIDDING?

(3) the amount of coloring time, using those bins of disgusting, ripped, broken, thick, greasy crayons and the random felt-tipped marker that you of course stole and used exclusively to color in Mary, mangers, sheep, palm trees, and camels

(4) your teacher’s willingness to let you go play with the Bible themed toys in the room

(5) the relative coolness of the other kids in your class — I was never, ever in the same class with the dreamy JTT look-alike, always with semi-creepy glasses kid who smelled a little like pee

(6) the relative coolness of the outfits your mother made you wear — Mary Janes and ankle socks at the age of 8, Laura? Really?

One of the main things I remember about Sunday school were those little felt boards they used to place little paper Jesuses and disciples against interesting backdrops. These were to (I guess?) engagingly act out Bible stories for wee tykes who were more interested in the goings on in their left nostril than the goings on in Jerusalem.

Example: The story of Job, for example. You can buy this online.

Your children will LOVE it.

Anyway, this long, random introduction is to bring me to the Nicolas Cage Adventure Set, available online, from crazy weird artist Brandon Bird. He has been painting weird celebrity portraits and makes these great gifts! The adventure set totally reminded me of the felt boards, and made me kind of want to buy them.

From his Web site:


You can additionally purchase some of his paintings, like this one, titled: “No One Wants to Play Sega With Harrison Ford”

Check out the article and slideshow of his work on Newsweek.

(Thanks, CJ)

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