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Baby Bieber, single-girl mistakes, and a really good book

July 27, 2010

1. This is the first baby Bieber photo that makes me feel a little dirty inside:

2. Diablo the cat is back!!! CJ is cat sitting and this little guy is my BFF. My shadow. My love.

Isn’t it so fun to wake up and have a little animal there to purr on you and knead at your arms and belly? In my head, he’s saying, “Laura, you’re SO muscley from going to the gym with Coach Courtney that it is no longer comfortable for me to lay here.” Also, in my head the cat is British.

3. About three months ago, I bought really good tickets to the Phillies/Nationals game this weekend for the Sunday afternoon game. I mean, not like, home plate tickets, but 200-level club seats. Good ones.

At the time I was thinking, well, surely after spending this time and investing in eHarmony, I’ll have a boyfriend and he will accompany me to the game and it will be just lovely. We’ll take the ferry, have beers, eat hotdogs, and get on the kiss cam.

Laura’s life lesson #2305981: Never, ever, ever buy something in future anticipation of having a boy to go with you. This is an epic error on par with buying a dress in a size smaller because you will definitely fit in it after your 5K. Do not buy concert tickets (fail of two Decembers ago), baseball tickets, tickets for boat cruises….I seem to make this mistake often. And it is a mistake.

Unless you want the boy to be your brother, which in my case, works out even better than if I had a boyfriend. Especially because with my luck, my future boyfriend likes the Yankees or the Red Sox.

Thanks, Mark, for bailing me out! It’s going to be super fun, and there’s no bigger fan I could bring than you. Also, the Sullivans clap really, really loudly so I think we can finally start our slow clap.

4. Pssssst….Nine West is having a huge summer shoe sale.

These happened to fall into my online cart! Oh no!

5. I am reading a beautifully lovely little heartbreaking book, called One Day, by David Nicholls. I’ll let the more eloquent NYT book review author give you the quick plot synopsis:

In 1988, the day after commencement, two college graduates briefly, romantically collide. The girl has pined for the boy for years; the boy is more aware of the girl than he lets on. She’s an earnest, outspoken lefty, he a handsome, apolitical toff who “liked the word ‘bourgeois’ and all that it implied” and “wanted to live life in such a way that if a photograph were taken at random, it would be a cool photograph.” Their chemistry is as inarguable as their differences, but because of the pride, carelessness and misplaced optimism of youth, they let time and distraction separate them. Yet they never lose track of each other. “One Day” checks in on their intersecting lives once a year, every July 15, from 1988 through 2007.

My new Kindle tells me I am 76% of the way through and I’ve already cried twice. I love it. I love the characters. I love David Nicholls. Treat yourself with this resonating story.

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  1. July 27, 2010 8:47 am

    I’m glad your brother went out to see the game with you, it sounds like it worked out really well! I’d do the exact same thing if I bought tickets and needed someone to go with me, I’d suck my brother in by telling him I’d buy him dinner or something like that if I needed someone to come with. I’d have a funner time too, then I don’t have to worry how pretty I look when I’m spilling ketchup on me from eating a hot dog.

  2. Mark permalink
    July 27, 2010 11:56 am

    Hope it won’t be too hot. Hamels is the projected starter for Sunday’s game. I expect lots of good pictures and a Phillies victory.

  3. Beth permalink
    July 27, 2010 5:16 pm

    Hey, I think some other Sullivans are supposed to be at the game that day, too… you might want to get in touch with Meg.

    That book sounds really good.

    Also, are you seriously moving to NYC? That’s awesome. We should go out for drinks once you’re in town.

    • Laura permalink*
      July 28, 2010 7:52 am

      Hi Beth! I think you’re right…we’ll have to meet up with them and have a little Sullivans photo opp at the game. And yes, NYC is in my future, and I’d love to get together up there!!

      I finished the book last night, it was fabulous. I highly recommend it.

  4. July 27, 2010 7:47 pm

    I like your little meowow. 😀

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