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My spending moratorium

July 29, 2010

Newsflash! Things in NYC are really expensive. Rent. Food. Laundry. Groceries.

Additionally: I’ll likely be living in something the size of a microwave.

SO, not only can I no longer shop for things I love and want (therefore: need) because of money problems, but I really really can’t buy things because there’s nowhere to put them in the big apple. Wahhh.

I’ve been purging—books, clothes, needless junk I’ve acquired over the past three years. It’s part of the reason I got a Kindle: I’ll never have my beautiful imagined library with shelves and ladders and walls and books, at least not in the next few years, so I might as well stop buying books from Amazon and start getting them digitally. I can have a digital library, and it is only 6 inches big instead of boxes full. Yay!

There’s a moratorium in place: No shopping in August.

So, instead of buying things, I will just show you what I’d buy myself if I were allowed.

1. Zagat’s NYC.

2. These little baby pie molds:

3. A pair of Shape-Ups, which I hear are incredibly difficult to walk in and totally work, and are totally on sale at Endless:

4. I hate JCrew. Swoon:

5. The Sabina drawstring leather satchel:

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  1. July 30, 2010 2:25 pm

    Shape-ups (or any other ‘toning’ shoe) is on my dream list, too. But I still can’t force myself to justify the price (even with a discount) for something – though it might work – is… well, frankly, so ugly. I’ve heard wonderful things about them, and all I can think of are the old women in Korea that would wear a Korean knock-off version just to be a couple inches taller. I simply want but can’t have them.

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