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Food Network after work

August 2, 2010

Ashley: i hate Ina
she is so boring
me: i don’t hate her, i try to see her as soothing
but seriously: she just heard something ding on her counter
and went, oh!
she picked up her BB
and got an e-mail from someone.
Ashley: she bores me to death
me: wtf.
Ashley: hahaha, is food network live now?
me: oh, it was part of the “plot”
she was making dinner for friends
and they emailed her to say “you’re one in a million!”
so she looked at it, naturally
Ashley: lol
me: and said “SUCCESS!!”
what a ham
Ashley: now she’s just bragging
me: i’d rather watch ina than the neelys
they are making bbq pulled pork egg rolls with a peach dipping sauce that’s as sweet as “my gina”
Ashley: hahah i actually love the neelys
me: i’m throwing up
Ashley: they make me giggle
me: they love each other so much
it’s sick
Ashley: hahah it’s so cute
me: they compliment each other too much
they feed each other with their hands
and then they interview off camera, when they’re done cooking, as if they have wise or important things to say
they are wayyyy too smiley
Ashley: he loves her!
she loves him!
they love food!
i love them!
me: that was incredible.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Neely’s, watch the video below.

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  1. August 2, 2010 5:24 pm

    I love working from home most so I can watch Giada at 4:30. Today she ONLY made fried things! Now I’m watching Paula and crying because Jamie is on with his son Jack. Now that has wife has had a baby I must accept that we won’t be getting married.

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